Umax Powerlook 3000=Heidelberg Linoscan 1800=Quatographic X-finity 3k???




I own a Quatographic X-finity 3K scanner which is apparently the same
hardware as the Umax Powerlook 3000 or the Heidelber Linoscan 1800 /
Saphir HiRes

Yesterday I disassembled the scanner in order to do a cleaning of the
inner parts (especially the two lenses), and noticed that there was an
EEPROM on the main PCB labelled "X-finity XXX" (on a sticker). I can't
remember the exact code, though (I should have taken a picture before
reassembling the unit). I saw a large UMAX ASIC too on the main PCB.

I wonder if I could replace that EEPROM with another one from either
UMAX or Heidelberg and run the scanner as if it were one of those
units, providing that I install the suitable drivers and scanning
software for them. Or, is there any other hardware/software difference
that would make this impossible?

According to the firmware FAQ the EEPROM could be either
27C010 or 27C1001

Do anybody knows where to get UMAX Powerlook 3000 or Heidelber
Linoscan 1800 firmware EEPROMs or .bin files?

Thank you.

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