UltimateZip the archive utility for the new millennium.

Built-in compression support for: Zip, Blak Hole, Cabinet, Jar, Lha ,
GZip, Tar, Tar-BZip2, and Tar-GZip archives.
Built-in decompression support for: Ace, Arc, Arj , Rar, Zoo, Zip,
Blak Hole, Cabinet, Jar , Lha, GZip, Tar, Tar-BZip2, and Tar-GZip
Built-in support for UUE and XXE encoded files.
Zip and Mail feature.
Self extracting Ace, Arj, Bh, Jar, Lha, Rar, and Zip archives.
Multi-disk spanning for Zip archives.
Splitting for Zip archives.
Archive and file encryption using the AES standard (Rijndael 256 bit).
Windows shell integration.
Checkout and Install features.
Powerful backup feature.
Batch Compressor,compresses individual files to individual archives.
Batch Extractor, extract many files at one time.
Repair broken Zip archives.
Wizard for easy compressing, updating, extarcting, and decoding.
Favorite Archive Folders for having all your archives in one list.
Build-in text viewer.
Virusscanner integration (external program needed).
Archive converter, converts archives form one archivetype to another.
Skinnable Toolbar.
Quick Start Task Tray Tool.
Windows XP Theme support.
and much more.





UltimateZip the archive utility for the new millennium.

I don't have time to check the rest of Mort's mini-flood, but this one
is ad/payware.

From <http://www.ultimatezip.com/faq.htm>,

Q: I dont like the sponsor screen, how can i remove it?

A: If you dont like the sponsor screen, you can donate a minimum
amount of 10$ or 10 Euro, if need UltimateZip for privat use. If
your company needs a site license please contact us and ask for
prices. Then you get a sponsor message free version of
UltimateZip. All our donators will get lifetime sponsor message
free updates and a support address for e-mail support.


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