UDF is updateing cells on another sheet with count from current sheet.



Hi All,

First, thanks for your time:

I wrote a UDF function that counts background colors. It takes a cell
argument with the background color that I want to count. I work out the
range in the function because the top of the sheet is like a report
(headings, legend, and color count that kind of stuff); the data is
pasted below the top part. I know the first row and find the last row.
Here is the issue. There are 2 sheets in the work book that use this
function. When I hit Atl -> Ctrl -> Shift -> F9 it counts the colors
but puts the count the in both sheets instead of each sheet having
it's own count of the colors that are on it. I pasted the code below.
Please help I'm about to start pulling my hair out.

'counts colored cells in given range by color
Function CountProjects(RngColor As Range) As Integer
Dim Srow As Long 'Start Row
Dim Erow As Long 'End Row
Dim Crow As Long 'Current Row
Dim Cll As Range 'range of cells
Dim Clr As Long 'color
Dim Rng As Range 'range of cells to look at for
Dim xlCalc As XlCalculation
Dim savScrnUD As Boolean 'for speeding
up calculations '
savScrnUD = Application.ScreenUpdating 'only
Application.ScreenUpdating = False '
xlCalc = Application.Calculation '
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
On Error GoTo CalcBack 'Error
With ActiveSheet
.DisplayPageBreaks = False
Erow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row 'Find last
record of data
End With

Clr = RngColor.Range("A1").Interior.Color 'color =
selected cell color
If ActiveSheet.Name = "AFESummaryRpt" Then
Srow = 13 'set start
row for AFESummaryRpt
' Sheets("AFESummaryRpt").Select
ElseIf ActiveSheet.Name = "AlignBudgetReport" Then
Srow = 9 ' set
start row for AlignBudgetReport
' Sheets("AlignBudgetReport").Select
End If

Set Rng = Range("A" & Srow & ":" & "O" & Erow) 'set cell
range for whichever sheet is active

For Each Cll In Rng 'loop thru
cells in range
If Cll.Interior.Color = Clr Then 'if cell
color matchs cell in range
CountProjects = CountProjects + 1 'add one
to count of colors
End If
Next Cll

If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description 'If error messagebox error
Application.Calculation = xlCalc 'Set speed up options back
to normal
Application.ScreenUpdating = savScrnUD 'Set speed up options back
to normal
End Function


To make sure I understand what the UDF (as written) is doing:

It looks at the single cell argument Rngcolor and determines th
background color. It then goes to the ACTIVE SHEET, determines if th
active sheet is one of the two sheets where the range to count would b
located, determines the "occupied" area, then counts the number of time
said background color occurs in the desired range on ACTIVE SHEET. Not
that, with the function called from two different sheets, there wil
always be a discrepancy between ACTIVE SHEET and the sheet tha
contains the function call for one of the functions. I think you ar
going to need to get the reference to active sheet out of your functio
and make it refer to the sheet that contains the range where you wan
the rngclr counted. I think that I personally would set it up so tha
your function takes two arguments:

Function CountProjects(Rngcolor as range, rngcount as range) a
code to find and count all incidents of Rngcolor in rngcount
end function


Thanks for your reply.

I originally had it the way you described. But data is pasted in the
sheets every week. That means resetting the range for every cell that
calls the UDF every time that happens. I know where the data has to
start so I wrote it to find the last row of data itself. The solution
was, instead of referencing the sheet implicitly or explicitly, to use

If you want to see it I'll post the code

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