UAC- Secure Desktop Prompting (annoying!)



I've made an effort to keep UAC on. However, there are a couple of things
about it that still gets on my nerves- some of the prompts for accessing things
like Services and Computer Management are just aggravating. The screen freaking
out when a prompt pops up is over the top. I realize this is meant to get the attention
of the user, I just don't like it. Really, the main prompt that I want to see is the
prompt when a application attempts to install- those prompts are good ones.
If you don't like your screen freaking out and want a smoother transition, try
this. It is a seamless prompt. I'm an experienced computer user, I don't need
my desktop screen freaking out when I go to do something.

Start the Group Policy Object Editor (gpedit.msc). Click "Computer Configuration", click
"Windows Settings", click "Security Settings", click "Local Policies", click "Security
Options", and then scroll down to "User Account Control: Switch to the secure desktop when
prompting elevation"
Secure Desktop Prompting

In Windows Vista Beta 2 you will notice that by default when User Account Control prompts
appear the rest of the screen is darkened. The prompts are being displayed in the Secure
Desktop mode. The same mode you see when you log on or press CTL+ALT+DELETE. Displaying User
Account Control elevation dialogs on the Secure Desktop helps protect the user from unknowingly
allowing a program to run with elevated privileges without their consent. Without this
protection, it is much easier to create malware that tricks the user into approving an
elevation request prompt that they really wanted to deny. The Secure Desktop helps protect
against this because other software running on the machine is blocked from interacting with the
user's interface.


Andre Da Costa [ActiveWin]

The issue is that almost everything in Windows is hackable, so I guess
having prompts at some parts that don't seem hackable is the point. But at
the same time, as noted its to give users notification of task or actions
executed that can either be hazardous or vulnerable to the system. Post beta
2 builds have lax the prompts, but I think more could be done.


I don't mind the prompts too much, and I know this will protect users.
Once you get things setup and programs installed, it's not so bad.

My main aggravation was when my screen would do the funky
freak-out when a prompt came up. I changed that setting, now
I can live with it.

Take care,


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