UAC - 2 Ids




I have Vista Ultimate with 2 User ids (mine as admin, wife's as user). On
my new PC I installed the ASUS utilities under my id. When I log on with my
id the ASUS utiities execute with no UAC intervention (load at startup).
When my wife logs on (uses account), several ASUS programs (part of aisuite)
start up and require a UAC interaction to approve the execution. The request
displays in the Task Bar. Is there an option where UAC does not request
execution approval under my wife's id?



Use the Task Scheduler under her account to run applications (at logon or
whenever you wish) with Elevation - supplying the Admin password at task

And you can do it for your own account to eliminate the one UAC prompt you



Reply to both Julian and t-4-2 Sorry for the late response to both of you.


I researched your suggestion, attempted configurations and have these

1. What happens to the current execution that are part of startup on both ids?
2. How do I determine if there are any parameters that are associated with
the startup (i.e., in the registry)? I assume that I would need to associate
those parameters with the task scheduler.
3. What is the effect of the change from a startup to a task schedule for my
wife's id to the same programs under my id?

I thought about your suggestion and it is a excellent idea. At this time I
decided to not change the account type for these reasons:

1. I would like to keep it as a user account to limit the problems that she
could encounter.
2. I would like to learn the differences between the user and administrator
account types and their ramifications as I implement different software and
we use the system in different patterns.

1. I executed MSCONFIG andf disabled the 3 ASUS progams and determined that
with the 3 programs disabled, they were disabled for both users.
2. I discovered that I had to log off at least 1 user id in order for the
MSCONFIG change to cause a restart to take effect.
3. I am not sure what happened but it looked like the system did not
complete the restart under this scenario: msconfig, disable 3 programs, close
msconfig since it would not accept the restart option, switch to wife's id,
logoff her id, restart system from logon window (user ids displayed) and my
id still logged on. System appeared to be hung
4. Powered off/on system; logged onto wife's id; all 3 ASUS programs
dispayed the user account control requirement. Normally there is just 1 of
the 3 programs displayed.
5. I have not figured out the pattern for which program of the 3 display the
UAC request.

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