TypeLoadException....with no additional info....how to diagnose this?



How might I go about diagnosing a solution that once deployed, the
program doesnt start but instead says "*******.exe -
TypeLoadException" with no other info given on the error screen. The
program deployed and started fine until just yesterday, then it
started doing that every other deployment....now it consistently gives
that error.

What might I do ti figure out whats going on?

Some info

the solution has one main project, supported by two class libray
projects in the same solution, one of which uses sqllite.net
The main project uses OpenNetCF and OpenNetCF.windows.forms, and the
two supporting class libraries, as well as a dll built by a seperate
solution (a security library)....various other references all around
of course, but mostly standard stuff.

Why might the error give no additional details?






What ver of CF? As CF2 should at least give you the name of the assembly it
failed to load.

All I can suggest is to ensure all third party DLLs and your libraries are
present in the deployment directory or if installed in the GAC, ensure you
have deployed the .gac file and that it points to the correct path for the

Tip: If you don't have possession of the device, get the end user to click
"Show All Files" from the context menu so you can check all libraries are

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