Typed DataSet NewRow



Can you fill a Typed DataSet's Table's Row with a SELECT Statement.

The DataSet Consist of two tables, Products and Total.

The user chooses a product and decides to add it to the product Table. I am
using something like:

SqlHelper.ExecuteNonQuery(dbConnect, CommandType.StoredProcedure,
"usp_ProductInfo", arParms);

Then assign each value of the arParms to the columns.

newRow[0].Column0 = arParm[0];
newRow[0].Column1 = arParm[1];
newRow[0].ColumnN = arParm[N];

Is there a simpler and cleaner way to accomplish this.

I would like to retun a Single row from the select statement and add it to
the Table.


Sijin Joseph

You can use DataTable.LoadDataRow() method, check out MSDN documentation for
more info.

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