Type Mismatch in Recordset sql


Carrie L.

Frustrated! What have I done wrong, when I try to run the following code, it
gets to the set rst line and gives me a type mismatch...

Sub runstuff()
Dim dbs As Database
Dim rst As Recordset
Dim strsql As String
Dim dept, mgrid As String
Dim ckpopu1 As Integer
Dim firstd As Date
Set dbs = CurrentDb
strsql = "Select [Current Departments].* from [Current Departments]"
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset(strsql)



Jeff Boyce


You don't mention which version of Access. At one point, Microsoft changed
the default model from DAO to (?hmm?) ADO.

See what happens if you change your DIM statements to something like:

Dim dbs As DAO.Database
Dim rst As DAO.Recordset

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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