Txtsetup.oem - Multiple OEM Mass Storage drivers (defaults section)



I'd like to include three OEM mass storage drivers to txtsetup.oem file.
The problem is [Defaults] section. If I have LSI SCSI as a default, the
PC with Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID Controller doesn't work
(Error: cannot load symmpi.sys) and vice versa. How to solve the
problem? Thanks in advance.



d1 = "LSI Logic Ultra320 1020/1030 Driver (XP)", \symmpi.tag, \
d2 = "Adaptec Ultra320 Family Manager Set - Microsoft Disk", \u320dsk1,
d3 = "Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID Controller", \hraidsk1


scsi = SYMMPI_XP32
#scsi = a79xxNT40


SYMMPI_XP32 = "LSI Logic Ultra320 1020/1030 Driver (XP 32-bit)",symmpi
a79xxNTIA32 = "Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI Cards (Win XP/Server 2003
ADAPTEC_SATA_HOSTRAID = "Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID Controller"

id = "PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0621", "symmpi"
id = "PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0622", "symmpi"
id = "PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0624", "symmpi"
id = "PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0626", "symmpi"
id = "PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0628", "symmpi"
id = "PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0030", "symmpi"

id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_801D", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_801E", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_801F", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_800F", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_800F&SUBSYS_005F9005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8000&SUBSYS_00609005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8010&SUBSYS_00409005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8011&SUBSYS_00419005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8012&SUBSYS_00429005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8014&SUBSYS_00449005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8015&SUBSYS_00409005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8016&SUBSYS_00409005", "adpu320"
id = "PCI\VEN_9005&DEV_8017&SUBSYS_00449005", "adpu320"

id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24df","aarich"
id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25B0","aarich"
id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2652","aarich"

driver = d1,symmpi.sys,SYMMPI
inf = d1,symmpi.inf
catalog = d1,mpixp32.cat

driver = d2, adpu320.sys, adpu320
inf = d2, adpu320.inf
catalog = d2, adpu320.cat

driver = d1,aarich.sys, aarich
inf = d1,aarich.inf
inf = d1,aichmgt.inf
catalog = d1,aarich.cat
catalog = d1,aichmgt.cat

value = Parameters\PnpInterface,5,REG_DWORD,1

value = "", tag, REG_DWORD, 20
#value = Parameters\PnpInterface,5, REG_DWORD,1

value = "", Group, REG_SZ, "SCSI Miniport"
value = "", Start, REG_DWORD, 0
value = "", Tag, REG_DWORD, 1
value = "", Type, REG_DWORD, 1)

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