two-way variable table keeps repeating same value


Damon G.

HELP!! I am building a two-way variable data table and everytime I press OK,
it just repeats the upper-most left column result which is the formula that
is referenced. PLEASE HELP!! I need to get this done.




Try some quick diagnostics:

1. It could be calc mode. Press F9, does it now compute properly? The book
may intentionally or inadvertently been set to either Manual, or the
semi-auto calc mode called: Automatic except tables (the "tables" are the 1/2
way variable tables which are calc-intensive, hence this option is provided.
You press F9 if/when you want the tables to recalc, everything else is auto).

Check/correct the calc mode to Automatic via clicking:
Tools > Options > Calculation tab.

2. If (1) is not it, you've probably set it up wrongly. Re-do the Data>Table
steps, try swapping the row/column inputs around, see whether this returns
the correct values.

3. The 1/2 way variable tables need to be created on the same sheet as the
base formula. That's the constraint I observed.

Damon G.

I ahve tried all of those remedies and nothing seems to work.

1. I have the Tools-Options set to AUTOMATIC Calc. I have even executed the
F9 key multiple times.

2. I have tried to swap the order of the rows/columns and even the
references. Still no luck.

3. I have the base formula in the cell that it references for the amount. It
is a simple "=" the cell with the value and it still just repeats. I am so
confused because it's not making any sense to me.

If you have any other tricks up your sleeve, I am all ears. Thank you so
much for the earlier advice. This is very baffling.


Option 1:
I have 2* sample files on data table in my archives:
*one variable, 2 variable

One variable data table example.xls

2 variable data table example.xls

Take it away & try checking the differences between example (2) above & what
you've set up over there.

Option 2:
If you're still unable to get it going despite the above,
upload your sample file using a free filehost, then post a link to it here

Eg, you could use this free filehost to upload:

Copy the "direct link" which is generated after you upload,
then paste it here in your reply

I'm using xl03, so pl save/upload only as this version (if you're using xl07)
I'm not able to open/read xlsx files.




"=" the cell with the value ...

Your line above presumably should have read as:
"=" the cell with the base formula ..
Post back & tell us what happened over there,
whether you got it up, etc etc


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