two databases running on a single machine



I have a completely new question for the experts here. I have a user that
accesses some databases on her machine. The current configuration for these
databases is that there are no user ids and no passwords. The database is
stored locally and there are several system.mdw files on the computer (I saw
system.mdw, system_1.mdw and something simular to capella.mdw). I am not
sure how or what mdw file is loaded (likely system.mdw) for all the
databases, but when I checked through the password reveal program I added to
my computer I saw no user ids and passwords for most of the current databases
used on this machine.

In the future, I will be adding a new database application (discussed
earlier in a messaeg) that will be an access 2000 database and it will be an
access 2000 project with SQL server 7 as the database backend so to speak.
At this point, I have the tables and stuff setup in access 2000 and I will be
fooling around with the conersion (so to speak) from a standard access 2000
database to an access 2000 project (but that is another story). The current
configuration of this database is such that there are users that must log
into the database with specific passwords to access the database. At this
point, I can create a new system.mdw or likely add the required users to the
existing system.mdw file to get this user to be able to access the shared

My question at this point (different from a conversion of a database at a
security point) is this...if I add the required users and passwords to the
existing system.mdw file on this woman's computer, will it affect the way she
accesses her current databases that reside on her computer. Thus what I mean
is, is there a way to separate the proposed access 2000 project from the
existing databases so that if the user loades her local databases that use no
password, will she need to then have a user id and password for the local
databases and have a password and user id to access to the access 2000
project from her computer.

Thus what I am asking in a round about way, how does access 2000 know the
difference from an access 2000 database that is local with no security, vs an
access 2000 project that will have its own security to get a user to log in
and then have the needed information passed on to the SQL server 7 database
for confirmation.

Edward Letendre.

Paul Overway

You shouldn't be using system.mdw for is the default workgroup
file. You need to read the security FAQs and create your own MDW. If you
do anything to the default system.mdw...yes, you probably would mess up her
system. When security is properly implemented it affects your MDB/MDE only
and uses an MDW that you created. The workgroup security file (MDW) has
nothing to do with security on a SQL Server database....that is a completely
different animal.

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