Two Bugs in Excel 2003 With Hyperlinks to Files



Bug 1: I add a hyperlink to a share folder located at
z:\someuser\projects\project1 into a workbook cell. Excel accepts this,
and pressing the hyperlink Explorer opens and shows the target folder. So
far so good. Now save the spreadsheet, exit Excel, and re-enter. Now
press the hyperlink and you get an error. Examine the hyperlink and Excel
has converted a perfectly good reference to a file share to a relative
location (../../../ and converted the file location syntax into some kind of
bizarre mis-constructed URL). It doesn't look like a feature.

Bug 2: I add the above hyperlink, then Edit Hyperlink and go to the front
portion of the hyperlink and modify the target server name. As soon as I
type maybe six to 10 characters, Excel hangs and enters a non recoverable
state. It looks like I have hit a buffer overflow here. Perhaps Excel
only checks for the buffer exhaustion when the characters are truncated to
the end of the hyperlink. Or perhaps by changing the server name Excel
loses track of the hyperlink and enters some error state that cannot track
buffer length correctly. Whatever it is, it also doesn't look like a





Dave Peterson

Just #1:

A few people have said that this has resolved the problem for them:

File|Properties|Summary Tab|Hyperlink Base
change it to C:\
(something that's always available)

I don't have a guess on #2.

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