Maintaining hyperlinks when I move Excel files to another location



I am using Office 2003. I have a folder with a large number of Excel files
that all have hyperlinks to unique Word documents saved in another area of
the shared drive. I would like to move the entire folder but am afraid that
the hyperlinks won't work correctly when the folder is moved. I tested a few
of the Excel files and the hyperlinks did not work after the change in
location. Is there a way I can move the entire folder of Excel files while
keeping the active hyperlinks to the Word documents without having to go in
and change the hyperlink address in each file after they are moved?

Thanks for the advice.



מיכ×ל (מיקי) ×בידן

I assume you could use a formula which combines 2 functions:
It is not easy to present a dedicated solution without seeing the previous
and requested Hyperlink.
Try to response with 2-3 examples.

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