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Eric and Megan Swope

Hi everyone. How do I turn off the desktop icon tooltips? The tooltips
being the description that pops up when the mouse hangs over the icon.

Ramesh, MS-MVP

Hi Eric,

Open a Folder
Click Tools, Folder Options
Click the View tab, and then uncheck this option:

"Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items"


Hi Eric,

How To: Turn off the Balloon Tooltips and Pop-ups

Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View/Advanced/Uncheck Popup
Descriptions for Folder and Desktop Items.

Added info, if needed:

TweakUI/Taskbar/Uncheck Enable Balloon Tips

Or use this automated edit:

Disable Balloon Tips or Disable All (Row 11)

Disable All includes: Balloon Tips, Folder Contents Info Tips, Explorer
Pop-Ups, Show Info Tips, Start Menu and Notification Area.

To use the Regedit: Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it
and answer yes to the import prompt. REG files can be viewed in Notepad by
right clicking on the file and selecting Edit.

All the Best,
Kelly (MS-MVP)

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