TS Licensing Win200 and Win2003



I've been running a Windows Server 2000 as a DC and also as the TS
Licensing server. Let's call it Server2000. I now installed a new
server, call it Server2003, running Windows Server 2003. After I was
satisfied that the replication of the AD was complete, I demoted the
Server2000. I installed a new TS licensing on the new Server2003. TS
in app mode is running on another member server but also Windows 2003
Server. I called MS to have my licenses reissued but user instead of

Now the problem:

If I turn off Server2000, when I try to connect from a client, it
takes about 50 sec to connect. If I leave Server2000 up, it takes
about 3 sec to connect. The only warning I get in the event log of
Server2003 is this:

TermServLicensing Event ID 21
"The Terminal Server Licensing server DBRDC has no permanent licenses
for product 'Windows Server 2003 - Terminal Server Per Device CAL
Token'. Use Terminal Server Licensing administrative tool to register
more licenses."

The TS Licensing has been removed from Server2000.

I tried the DefaultLicenseServer in the TS app server registry as in
article 239107, with no results.


Matthew Harris [MVP]

Windows 2000 TSCALs are not compatible with Windows 2003
TSCALs, and thus, you can't install 2000 TSCALs on a 2003
license server.


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