TS Client Profile Access Errors


Matthew Ellis

I realize this is not entirely a TS issue, but as it
involves access to a TS system, I thought I would also
post it here:


I am having a problem.

I have two DCs (same domain) running Terminal Services in
application mode. I have modified each DC forcing user
profiles to point to a UNC path (\\nephthys\profiles$).
The share resides on DC#2. Users have full control over
the root of the share.

When connecting via Terminal Services to DC#2 all works as
it should. However, when connecting via Terminal Services
to DC#1, I get the following events in the Event Viewer -
Application section on DC#1.

RegLoadKey failed. Return value Access is denied. for
\\nephthys\profiles$\billy student\ntuser.dat.


Windows cannot log you on because the profile cannot be
loaded. Contact your network administrator.

DETAIL - Access is denied.


The second error appears on the screen of the user as well
with as a dialog box asking you to click ok. When you
click ok, the session is terminated.

The files are created in the shared folder however and
when I examine the security settings of the new folder,
they are:

Administrators - Full Control
User in Question - Full Control
System - Full Control

Anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this?

Matthew Harris [MVP]

What is the eventlog say for this problem? Is there an
eventid and if so, have you tried to search for that id on



Check the security settings for the program they are accessing. A lot
of times it's not on the Root directory but on D or E drive.

also - we just had this happen and we still don't know why but we had
to resetup 7 out 25 user profiles for losing their drive that's needed
when running Office suite.
Make a backup of the settings and then delete them in
My Computer/Properties/User Profiles
Log in as them and setup from the beginning.

It doesn't take that long and might not be the answer as to WHY but at
least it fixes the issue.

Matthew Ellis

I quoted the event log error message in my original post
but here it is again:

Where the location specified is the profile location.

The pathing gets created properly, and security set
properly (Admin-Full, System-Full, UserinQuestion-Full)
but this error is generated.

The event error code is 1000, which is fairly generic it
seems. Generates nothing at the web address (eventid.net)
you suggested.

Matthew Ellis

This error is occuring before any user can even log in, so
it is not a program setting.

My security settings for NTFS appear to be set right, and
are quoted in my original post.

Any other thoughts?

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