Trying to use the Word Application object in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET




I'm using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and want to reference the
ThisApplication variable but cannot get to it or find the OfficeCodeBehind
class. Is this a shortcomming of the fact that I have Microsoft Visual Basic
and not Visual Studio .NET?

On page: I
If you are working in Word, the Application object is automatically created
for you, and you can use the Application property to return a reference to
the Word Application object. When you are creating your solution in Visual
Studio .NET, you can use the ThisApplication variable defined for you within
the OfficeCodeBehind class. IntelliSense displays the list of collections,
methods, and properties for the Application object.

When you are referring to objects and collections beneath the Application
object, you do not need to explicitly refer to the Application object. For
example, you can refer to the active document without the Application object
by using the built-in ThisDocument property. ThisDocument refers to the
active document, and allows you to work with members of the Document object.




I can't find the Microsoft Word 9.0 or 10.0 object library also, it is not
present in the COM Components tab.

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