trying to share inbox folder problem



I'm trying to share a inbox folder between me and a co-worker. I've set
permissions per microsofts website:

However once the mailbox is created and when I try to connect I get this

Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the
specified folder location.

When I right click and hit open I get the show help and it gives me this:

This error usually appears if the OST or PST file you are using is:
Unavailable Protected with file permissions
On a share on a server and the network is down Corrupt
To correct this problem, store the OST or PST file on the local computer.
You may also want to run the scanost.exe and scanpst.exe tools to verify
file integrity. More information about this error message online.

I have tried sharing a folder and my co-worker has tried sharing a folder
and we both get the same errors.

Please and suggestions?

thanks in advance.



Ed Crowley [MVP]

The help is a red herring. You can't share OST files or PST files like

Please list the exact steps you followed.




I just found out that I was adding the name wrong. Since we're set up all of
our users using first name "dot" last name under Active Directory I wasen't
putting in the "dot" when it asked to "open these additional mailboxes" under
the advance tab when editing your exchange settings in outlook.

It seems that I don't get the previous message from before however when my
co-worker looks in the shared folder nothing is there. Ive checked my
permission via the external link shown from before. I've also doubled check
permissions using the
Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool:

I don't see why I couldn't share one folder out: in fact when I use the
above tool I can change permissions at the "top of information store" and add
the user to folder permissions then have it propgagte folder ACE's. Once I do
this and add the user again on the client side this method add's the entire
user's inbox.

maybe I'm making this more complicated then what it should be.

please help!


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