Trying to get a product key from Microsoft after Free Trial Expire



Ok, so, I go into Word and the free trial is said to be expired, so I click
Convert. I don't have a product key so I clicked "Buy Product Key Online."
When I do this, a new web page opens, but never loads. I also cannot find
the place to get the product key when on the Microsoft site. So my question
is either: how to I get the page that isn't loading to load? or, Where in the
heck do I get a Product key from Microsoft without having to go buy and
install a CD of Office for just a product key?



Suzanne S. Barnhill

Don't bother. It will cost you just as much to buy the product key as it
will cost to buy the retail product (possibly more depending on where you
buy the latter), and you will not have the physical media unless you pay
extra. It's worth the effort or wait to get the actual Office package with
DVDs in case you need to reinstall.

JoAnn Paules

You know that you're going to have to buy the product key, don't you? You'll
actually pay less if you get it from plus you'll get the disk.


Feb 22, 2009
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I do not want a CD or do I want the plastic. In a digital world we CAN save the environment from our mess.

Would be nice, even at a higher cost to simply buy the Product Key only.

Anyone know where to get it. I need Key for Access only. Thanks.

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