Trying to create a copy of a .NET dll




I'm trying to make a copy of a .NET dll for testing purposes.

I've changed the target of my dll from MyDLL.dll to MyDLLTest.dll. In
the AssemblyInfo.vb, I've changed the from:

<Assembly: AssemblyDescription("My DLL")>


<Assembly: AssemblyDescription("My DLL Test")>

I've then copied the MyDLLTest.dll to the same directory as a VB6 test
harness that I've built and run regasm MyDLLTest.dll /tlb:MyDLLTest.tlb
to create
the type library.

Next, I go to add a reference in my VB6 test harness
and browse to the .tlb file that's in the same directory. I click add
and in the references in my VB6 project I see "My DLL" instead of "My
DLL Test".

Please note that the MyDLL.dll that I'm basing the
MyDLLTest.dll from is registered in COM+. I'm wondering if I need to
change the guid in the AssemblyInfo.vb in order to get "My DLL Test" to
show up in the references description in my VB6 project. I've added
some additional debugging information to to MyDLLTest.dll that's not in

I want to be able to move this VB6 exe together with MyDLLTest.dll to
another machine that also has MyDLL.dll registered in COM+. I'm
figuring that this way I can see what's going on in MyDLL.dll without
disturbing the existing MyDLL.dll that's registered in COM+.





Hello (e-mail address removed),

What is it with you idiots using .NET dlls in VB6!? STOP IT. Stick with
one or the other.





Because, it's much easier to work with web services in .NET and I don't
have the time or the approval from management to rewrite an 1 million+
line of code classic ASP/ VB6 application in .NET.


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