Trusted Site not trusted


Tom Ker

We used IEAK to customize and deploy IE6 SP1. All appears to be good. Then
along comes our Project 2002 Server. When users try to access the server
they get a message stating "
is not identified as a trusted site in IE click the button to make it
trusted." Doing so adds the server to the list until the next time IE is
opened (or closed and restarted). Then the list reverts to what's specified
by the IEAK, as it should, and the user can't get to the server. Well, the
Project Server is in the list. And furthermore, "*" is
specified in the bypass proxy list. In the Local Intranet Trusted Sites
dialog the box is checked to "Include all sites that bypass the proxy

Why isn't the bypass list working for this site? The users aren't prompted
by the proxy server for their ID and password, so the request appears to be
bypassing the proxy. How can I specifically and permanently add this site
to the list?



Tom Ker

Thanks for the reply, Gary.

Is "it" * in the bypass list or is "it" the Project server
in the Trusted Sites list? * has been in the bypass list
since the beginning, but the Project server has not.

Tom Ker


Thanks for your suggestions so far.

I rebuilt my IEAK with the Project Server specified as a Trusted Site and
reinstalled IE on my test system. I then installed Project Pro 2002. The
server now is on my list in IE, but I'm still getting the error message when
I open Project and try to connect. I can, however, connect directly to the
server if I put the URL in the address bar of IE6 and navigate to it.

Any additional thoughts?


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