Trust not working so macros fail



I have been trying now for over 3 weeks to sort out my problem in various
different ways. I have established (I think) that my Trust isn't working so
many of my macros fail.

I have done everything I can find - included the folder/s (with subfolders)
in Trusted Locations, allowed all macros.

Somebody thinks it may have something to do with what Java apparently calls

Please can somebody help me. I am tearing my hair out and I don't want to
be bald.

Any help is much appreciated.



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

To my knowledge, there are no macros or code that worked in earlier versions
that won't work in Access 2007, assuming that you have a Trusted Location
for the database and Macros allowed. If one macro works, they all should.
But since we cannot see what you haven't shown us, I suggest that you post
the code so we might see what is wrong.

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