Trust Fails and Restored, now ACL has to be reassign



Recently we had our trust fail and we got it going again, even though the
trust validates fine I am not convenice it is 100%. Here what I mean in the
begining we had a domain running AD ( and then we had a NT domain
(123). Well I used ADMT to migrate users from the 123 domain over to
While I migrated the users of course I kept the SID the same. For some
reason now any users that are on who had previously (same SID as 123)
cannot access any server that are still sitting on the 123 domain. Whenever
I check out the share folder rights on the server, all I would see is user
123/username as having access. Now I have to manually enter in the same
username abc/username and the user shows up twice. Should it just be a
matter of if the SID is the same it wouldn't matter what the username or what
domain their from. Also we upgrade 123 domain from NT4 to Windows 2003 AD.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

In Disguise

So, what does this have to do with NetWare? You're in the wrong forum
section, unless you are quietly asking for help. ;)

Of course, if you want to move to a more flexible, secure, stable,
simpler, and more reliable OS, such as NetWare, you may want to check

Otherwise, you may want to post this elsewhere. ;)

Good luck!

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