Trust Errors





We have two domains, one in the US and one in Europe. They were setup
independent of each other, they both have their own forests. I'm trying to
create a trust from the US domain to the EU domain.

When i try to verify the trust i get an error:

The secure channel (SC) reset on domain controller \\ of
domain "us_domain" to domain "european_domain" failed with the error: The
security database on the server does not have a computer account for the
workstation trust relationship.

I logged into the domain controller in europe, opened AD users and computers
and added the domain controllers from the US into their AD. I made sure the
user i'm logged in as in the US is the same username in the EU, same
passwords, same group memebership, both are in the enterprise admin group.

I can't understand why this keeps failing.

anyone got any ideas?


Jorge de Almeida Pinto

can you explain what you mean with: "and added the domain controllers from
the US into their AD"

Are you saying you created a computer account?

If yes? remove that as that is not the way to set up a trust

the procedure to setup a trust is explained in:
external trust (if at least one of the domains is w2k AD)

forest trust if both ADs are w2k3 and are in forest functional level w2k3


i right clicked on the Domain Controller OU and added a new computer.

These are Windows 2000 servers, that write up is for 2003. . . .

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