Trust between parent domain and new child domain fails


Tim Blizard

I have a weird problem. I have created a new child domain of our main

i.e. is a child of All the steps of DCPROMO
worked however when I attempt to verify the trust relationship between
the child domain and the parent domain, I get an error stating the
server does not have a computer account for the workstation trust.

I have successfully created numerous child domains in other
environments with no trouble but in this case I have had no success. I
have demoted the DC in the child domain and recreated the child domain
from scratch several times with no better result. I have even watched
DCPROMO while it creates the new child domain and it displays a
message stating that it is creating the trust relationship. The trust
relationship then appears in AD Domains and Trusts however it will not

Running NETDOM TRUST / /Verify returns
essential the same error message along with "No Mapping between
account names and security IDs was done".

I couldn't get NETDIAG to perform a trust test. Using the command
NETDIAG /test:Trust produced a message stating that the trust test had
been skipped.

I also get an error code out of another utility (sorry but I can't
remember which one ... it's late and I've been going for what seems
like days) similar to ERROR_NO_SAM_ACCOUNT or something like that.

As far as I can tell, DNS is set correctly. I elected not to install
DNS on the child DC but pointed it to the DNS server for the parent

Other than the trust not verifying, all other tests seem to work fine.
The problem is that we have an application on the child DC which
attemtps to call LogonServer with a UserID and Password from the
parent domain. This fails with an error stating that the trust between
the primary domain and the trsuted domain has failed.

I don't know what to try next ... can anyone suggest anything I
haven't tried other than rebuilding my parent domain?




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