Troubleshooting an error message



Hello. I have been trying to figure out why I keep getting the "#NAME?" error
in a text box on I have created.

Here is the background... I have a two tables, one contains contact
information for members (Table Name: Members) and the other contains the
membership types and fees available (Table Name: Membership Types and Fees).
Both tables have a numeric primary key - Members: MemberID, Membership Types
and Fees: MembershipID)

On my form, called FARB Members, I have created a Combo Box, now named
"Type" and a text box named "Fees" that holds an IIF/Dlookup statement in it
so that when the user selects the proper membership type in the combo box,
the proper fee will automatically be inserted in the "Fees" text box.

I do not know enough about Access code to see what is wrong with the
statement that I have entered. Please look at the following example to tell
me if I am entering some information incorrectly...

=IIf(Not IsNull([current form's combo box name]),DLookUp("[field name
in the table I am pulling information from]","[table that contains the
field I am pulling information from]","[numeric primary key from the
table mentioned in the previous bracket]=" & Me!
[name of field that combo box information comes from]),"")

Please "dumb" down your answers as much as you possibly can. I am really new
at this an I am unfamilar with advanced methods of problem solving with

Thank you in advance for all your help!


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