trouble with Outlook Rss feeds



i've installed outlook beta 2. when i creat an account of rss feeds by my
self it doesn't work. i don't know what to do.
when i use outlook defult rss feeds ( addresses in link ) it works
great. but when i creat a link like in
synchronizing (send/receive) outlook give me an error==>
Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0xA9304002) : 'Synchronization to RSS
Feed:"" has failed. Outlook cannot
download the RSS content from because of
a problem connecting to the server.'
what should i do?

BillR [MVP]

Outlook 2007 seesm to have some issues connecting to feeds where a
redirection is in place. Directly connecting to teh xml page might work if
you know its location.

Patrick Schmid

I just added this feed without a problem. Make sure that there are no
spaces in front of the http:// when you add it to Outlook.

Patrick Schmid

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