Trouble with hyhens within text when using LOOKUP

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Dennis via

I have two columns, each containing a list of part numbers. Some of the part
numbers contain hyphens.
I am using LOOKUP and/or VLOOKUP to determine if the value in one column
exists in the other. This works great on non-hyphenated part numbers.
However, it will not find or return the hyphenated part numbers from the
specified arrays. As a test, I did a quick if statement to compare the
instances of identical hyphenated values that exist in both columns. Those
statements did not have a problem with the hyphens. Can anyone offer any
help? If hyphens cannot be used in conjunction with the LOOKUP functions, can
I strip the hyphens out of the numbers?




When You Created your Vlookup Formula did you use false in th
Range_lookup field? ie: "=VLOOKUP(B3,A7:B12,2,FALSE)"


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