Trouble Using NETDOM to add workstation to a specific OU when accoutn exists elsewhere



I have found a really wierd problem using netdom with the join switch
to add a machine to a domain into a specific organisational unit.

If a computer account with the same name as the one i am about to join
exists in the OU i am about to join it to then netdom happily deletes
the old account and creates a new one , successfully joining the

However if a computer account exists in an sub OU of this OU ( which
the account i am using has EXCATLY the same rights over) netdom cannot
remove the computer object and stops

Has anyone seen this before and can u suggest any ways round . I have
briefly tried using adsi to remove the object from the sub ou first but
if i don't hit the same dc with the delete as the netdom command used
for the join the process fails again and i have to wait 5 mins for
replication which screws up my automated domain join process.

Any help would be appreciated




Ryan Hanisco


This appears to be working as intended. You will either need to wait the
replication time or change your coding to accommodate this. I would suggest
staying with the ADSI route, but you'll still have to work through the
binding problem you mentioned.

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