Trouble setting up signature in Outlook 2003



Had a HDD crash and re-installed all of my programs. Set up OL 2003
with MULTIPLE email accounts.

Don't want a signature on my primary account (the one that shows up
alphabetically) but I want to have a signature on the second account.

I have set up a simple signature which is just an image. I created a
new signature by naming it and then browsed to the image file and
added it. It looks good. I applyed it and went to the Mail Format
tab, selected the second email account, and set it to use the newly
created signature.

When I click on NEW to send a new message I automatically go to my
primary account. In the past, when I clicked on ACCOUNTS and selected
my secondary account, the signature would appear. Now it doesn't and
I have tried everything but no luck.

One more bit of info. If I set up my primary account to use the
signature, the signature will appear. Then, when I go to ACCOUNTS and
select my secondary account, the signature appears.


Anybody got any suggestions??




It's working as designed. You need to create a blank signature for the
primary acount because if it doesn't have a signature, the code that
controls the signature isn't added to the message, so switching accounts
won't switch signatures. Also, for switching to work you need to use
Word as the editor.

Larry the IT Guy

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BINGO!! Youre a genius. Thanks.

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