Triggered actiosn do not stick on a custom show slide - is this true (read in)



I have compiled a quiz on ppt. I have a rule that teams can get a hint
on any one question duering the course of the quiz. I need to keep a
record of which team(s) have used this facility.

So i have hyperlinked to a custom show (show and return) containing
this one slide and have triggered a red spot to appear when i click
that team's name. But when i return to this slide when another team
decides to use a hint the previous red mark (of the team who have used
their facility)is gone.

Triggered actions do not stick on custom slides?
Any way it can be made to?

Bill Foley

If you are ready to tackle it (or have some tackle it for you), VBA can be
used to accomplish this. Setting a variable (blnHintUsed) to FALSE
initially, if a button is clicked, code runs that sets blnHintUsed to TRUE.
If TRUE, can make another object on a slide appear differently.

If interested, holler back. I might be able to come up with an example.
FYI - Folks won't be using the PPT Viewer to review your presentation, will
they? Because if so, the Viewer does not support VBA.


No ppt viewer will not be used...

Yes i would like to learn more about this but have no knowledge of VBA
and its application in ppt.

May i send you the relevant slides and take it from there. if not
feasible let me know what to do and i'll try and get a more compouter
literate friend do the needful (if he can)


Bill Foley

I'll be happy to take a look at it. Send the applicable slides (can be
zipped) to:

wfoley1 at txu dot com


pttinc at itexas dot net

David M. Marcovitz

You can start learning about VBA from the PPT FAQ Programming PowerPoint

Bill has a lot of quiz information on his site, and I have a lot of quiz
examples on my site:

Many of the examples do quizzes. I don't think that any of my examples
have exactly the functionality you describe, but some of the "Examples
From Real People" might.


David M. Marcovitz
Director of Graduate Programs in Educational Technology
Loyola College in Maryland
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_

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