Trendline Question




Have been going around circles with this, trying to understand.
Using Excel 2007 and W7.

If anyone could explain for me the limitations of when a Trendline
(linear) will, or will not, be drawn on a Scatter chart I would be most

My data looks like this:

Col A Col B

Jan 1 5

Jan 2 6

Jan 3

Jan 14 4

Jan 15 8


Many of the dates have no data in Col. B (as shown for Jan 3, e.g.)

And, the Dates are not contiguous; some are missing, as shown.

If I go to:

Select Data

Hidden And Empty Cells

"Show Empty Cells As Gaps" Box Is Checked

Then, The Trendline (Linear) shows Up O.K.

But, if I check the box for: Connect Data Points With Line, the

Trendline then disappears.

And, will not allow being generated if this box remains checked.

Why ?

Again, I'm using Excel 2007, and scatter charts.

Any thoughts on ?

Thanks for help,


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