trendline in scatter plot



how can i add trendline or best fit line on a scatter plot which ha
multiple set of data. for example, i had 3 set of data for 3 differen
depth (0cm,15cm and 30cm) and i plot all three in a scatter plot. is i
posible if i want only a line for describe all three depth despite o
having a line for each color (3 line for 3 depth). or if i made all
depth together in one set of data and get a trendline from tha
scatter, how i can differentiate which point is 0cm, 15cm and 30cm



Jon Peltier

Not clear what you're asking.

A trendline added to a series uses every point in the series in its

If you want a trendline to use more than one series in its calculations,
you should create a series that uses all data from all series, and make
a trendline from this combined series.

- Jon




You need to create a fourth set of data that combines all three of your
existing sets of data. Add the fourth set of data to your scatter plot as a
new series. Select that series and add a trendline to it. Then format the
series to have no lines and no symbols to it disappears. What you're left
with is the original three series, each with a unique format, and the
trendline that fits all of the data.



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