Transferring Video From Camera To PC



I have a DXG 506V digital video camera that came with software called
"Videoworks 6" which enables you to edit the video you shoot. For some reason
I can not watch the video I shoot in Videoworks. Its like the software isn't
recognizing it. I see a circle with a slash through it. When I plug in the
camera to the USB port the computer recognizes it as an F Drive and the a
window pops up asking me what I want to do, 1)Copy pictures to a folder on my
computer using Microsoft Scanner and camera wizard 2) View a slideshow of the
images 3) Print the pictures 4) Play media files 5) Play using Windows Media
Player 6) Open folder to view files 7) Take no action (which has a red circle
with a slash through it) I am assuming I should be clicking number one,
which I do and it takes me through the process, but when I pull up Videoworks
I can see the "samples" they hvae fine, but the video I shot has the circle
with a slash through it! I am doing something wrong. I have already contacted
the maker of the camera AND the software! PLEASE someone help me here!!! What
am I doing wrong? Can someone walk me STEP by STEP through getting the video
onto my computer so I can edit it through this software I have PLEASE!
Thanks. You can post back here, but please send me a short email that you've
replied to (e-mail address removed) THANKS!!

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

The USB cable should be used for transferring still images from camcorder to
PC. Use a firewire port and cable for transferring digital video from
camcorder to PC.

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