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I have a list of data that extends for several thousand rows and over to
column T. Column E has a list of data that is only one of 4 things. I need to
transfer entire rows based on the option listed in Column E. If the 4 options
are follows: car, truck, van, and other. I need all the rows that say car to
be pulled from the sheet that has everything on it to the sheet named car and
the same thing for all the others. I was thinking of making a vlookup formula
for every column from A-T and then copy down but that would just result in
the same info over in over if I am not mistaken. Any help is appreciated.



Ashish Mathur


We can use formulas to solve your problem, but here is a non formula

I will try to illustrate my solution with a simple example. Please try to
adapt this to your situation:

1. Suppose I have 2 columns, Owner and Car type;
2. Create a simple pivot table out of this where Owner is in the Row field
area, Car type in the columns filed area and car type in the data area
(again). The pivot table will now show you the count of car types by owner
and car type
3. Now drag Car Type from the column filed area to the Page filed area;
4. Now on the pivot table toolbar, click on Show Pages. You will notice
that a worksheet will get created for all the car types;
5. Now on any new worksheet that has got created drag the car type out so
that you see the Count only;
6. Now double click on the Count to get tabular data for each owner

Please note that this is not a dynamic solution I.e. if data in the source
changes, the data in the worksheets created in step 4 above will not get


Ashish Mathur
Microsoft Excel MVP

Chad Portman

I can not send the workbook to anyone for company reasons and the idea of
filter and copy paste does not work well cause something I forgot to mention
is the orginal list gets updated every 30 mins.




Here's an alternative to consider ..
An easy formulas set-up
which automates the exact functional deliveries you seek
(from my past response to another similar poster)

Illustrated in this sample:
Parent to Child AutoCopy Model based on KeyCol Values.xls
(full construct details, nicely rendered, easy to understand n adapt)

Take it away, get it up and working ...
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