TPM(trusted platform module)



I figure that TPM is a module and can be dropped into any chip that can
placed on the motherboard. Question is :-Can I purchase a broadcom's
network adapter which has the TPM module dropped into its chip and use it
for the Vista hardware security. I have a hardware running Vista and I want
to enable TPM on it by doing a minor upgrade. I have successfully used
BitLocker with USB keys though.


Jamie Hunter [MS]

There are a number of manufacturers using the Broadcom TPM on their
motherboard. However a removable TPM device (say on a PCI card) does not
provide the hardware security necessary even if the motherboard BIOS
supported it. One of the primary security features utilized by the
motherboard TPM is that it strongly binds secrets to the motherboard &
firmware creating what is called a "Core Root of Trust" without which, any
subsequent "Static Root of Trust Measurement" is void.
Jamie Hunter [MS]

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