Tough: Vlookup, Match, Sumproduct? To create list of persistence



Data is input in the last 4 columns on the right.

Output is the first 3 columns on the left.

What formulas go in the columns in the left to return the data as shown below?

To explain in detail:
Col A = Col C
Col B counts the number of times the label in Col A appears in Col D through
Col C returns the label if it does not appear in Col A.

Cell A1 "May-2006" is a date reference: It pulls information relative to the
Column Label. In this case, it is pulling in labels from ColG, and doing the

Columns of data are added each month. So next month, I will add data to Col
H and label it June-2006. Then I would like to type in Cell A1 "June 2006"
and have the matching/counting formulas work.

A very tough one... thanks a lot for taking a look...

Steve C

Col A ColB ColC ColD ColE ColF

On List PersistenceOff List Feb-06 March-06 April-06 May-06
Apples 4 Radio Dogs Dogs Apples Apples
Cats 2 Coconut Apples Apples Cats Cats
Dogs 4 Horse Horse Dogs Dogs
Birds 2 Birds Monkey Birds Birds
House 1 Tiger Tiger Birds House
Gimp 2 Zebra Zebra Radio Gimp
Pancake 2 Car Car Pancake Pancake
Bus 1 Fish Giraffe Gimp Bus
Beetle 1 Coconut Coconut Coconut Beetle




One more thing: only need to look back 4 consecutive monthly periods...

so if you starting with May, you only need to look at May, April, March,

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