Totally Scrambled


Capt. Len

3 box home network. Host is Win98SE, clients are Win98SE
and WinXPPro

Printers on both Win98 Boxes.

I have the network setup and ICS works and I can read
files on XP and move files into XP from either 98 box

I can print between the Win98 Boxes


on the Win XP when I try to use the printer or try to
install again it says con't connect to network

Have run XP setup network wizard.

My Ntwork places show unkon computer on unknow local

When I try show workgroup computers it shows both Win98
but if I try to click on either I get

// ComputerX is not accessible You may not have permission
to use this network resource.
The network path was not found.

I thought at first was due to downloading and installing
SP2 but have gone to a restore point prior to that and get
the same.

I have logged out and relogged in no change.

If I delete a printer and run add, it goes to seaching for
printer and then just keeps running going nowhere.

Ideas ?




Done Worse. Now have lost the other client and the host in
WinXP network

Firewall is turned off in ISP dailup advanced but not using
that modem.

Not getting any of the screens showing online for doing this.

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