Totaling columns in a row with duplicate data - Pivot Table??



I have a spreadsheet of about 20,00 rows and 4 columns. Column Headers are
Customer Name, Contract #, Device QTy, Net Value.

There are multiple rows of data for each Customer Name, Net Value as well as
Order #. So Row 2 - Row 25 have the same data in Cust Name, Order # and Net
Value with the only piece of Unique information being the Device Quantities.

How do I get total Contract #, Device Counts and Net Value by Customer
without summing up the duplicate entries.

Cust Name Contract # Device Qty Net Value
ABC CBY1234 6 $12600
ABC CBY1234 4 $12600
ABC CBY1234 2 $12600
ABC CBY1235 5 $13999
ABC CBY1235 7 $13999
XYZ VVD1234 1 $ 5768
XYZ VVD1234 10 $223354



Debra Dalgleish

As replied to your post in microsoft.public.excel.misc:

You could put Contract# in the Row area, Device Qty in the Data area, as
Sum of Device Qty, and Net Value in the Data area, as Max of Net Value.

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