Total not correct in Footer



I have four categories of income. Each category totals itself in the Income
Type Footer, however, when I try to add each in the Bank Footer, I am asked
for the various parameters I have named my text boxes.

In the IncomeType Footer, I have:

In the Bank Footer, I created four txt boxes. The names of each, the control
source, and running sum are:
Name: SalesDepRS
Control Source: =Sum[SalesDep]
Running Sum: Over Group

Name: CashDepRS
Control Source: =Sum[CashDep]
Running Sum: Over Group

Name: OtherIncDepRS
Control Source: =Sum[OtherIncDep]
Running Sum: Over Group

Name: OtherSalesDepRS
Control Source: =Sum[OtherSalesDep]
Running Sum: Over Group

I then have a text box in which I want the total to appear and it is:

Name: Total [Bank] Income:
Control: =Sum([ASalesDepRS]+[AOIDepRS]+[AOSDepRS]+[ACDDepRS])
Running Sum: Over All

When I run the report, I am prompted for each of the *RS parameters and do
not get a Total Over All for each bank. Please help me get it correct.




I don't think you need to use Running Sums here...

Since you are already grouping, using:

Running Sum: No

that should work in the Bank Footer I believe.

Then do the same thing in the Report Footer to get your overall total.

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