Toshiba Satellite 1100 hard drive....



My Toshiba satellite 1100 - Z6 has suffered hard drive failure.
Does anyone know the limit of the size of the replacement hard drive that I
put in it.? I know all notebook drives will fit but will the motherboard
accept it?
The broken drive is a IBM travelstar 20GB 4200rpm, I would like to put in an
80GB 5400rpm 9mm HTS548080M9AT00 laptop hard drive. or 60GB
The laptops mother board is BTW10 LA-1421 rev 1.0 2002-05-20
Ive tried to find compatability charts etc but I've come to a dead end with
no info.
I would be greatfull if any one knows. or could recomend a drive they have
Many thanks

256ram, Win XP Home

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