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I have a Sony Vaio SZ270P. I upgraded to Vista (not a clean install) and
generally had no problem. However, even after running the Sony-supplied new
drivers for Bluetooth, I only got a 30 day "trial" , which has expired. Even
after deleting all BT drivers and re-installing I get a message saying my
trial expired and I should acquire a license from Toshiba. I get no help from
Toshiba....any ideas?



You will still get a license expired from those downloads. you need to
contact Sony and let them know.....


Thanks, you are right, I did. The bad part about owning a sony...contacting
anyone (or getting a response) is a dubious proposition. Thanks again.


Hi everyone,has anybody been able to get the above licence? i have the
same message on my screen and can't solve the bluetooth problem. I think
this will be my last sony laptop.Any help offered will be greatly

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The Toshiba license is based on the original drivers provided by the
manufacturer of the laptop. Sony is responsible for the correct
drivers and any possible updates

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