Tool for converting Access Queries & Forms to ASP for Web ?



Is there a tool for converting Microsoft Access Queries & Forms to ASP
so you can put it on the web?

We have an Access database with a half dozen tables, plus a number of
queries and forms.

Some of the forms have sub-forms and are quite complicated.

Must we create all these queries and Forms from scratch to port it to
ASP and put it on the web?

If not... are there other alternatives?

Use of VNC for instance to provide remote access (via the web) to the
computer with the data base ??

Thanks for any comments & suggeestions.


Susie DBA [MSFT]

yeah, from my notes.. Microsoft promised us a tool for this.. in
Office 2007.. and they failed to deliver


that's how I see it

Microsoft failed to deliver for us

Susie DBA [MSFT]

I reccomend moving it to Access Data Projects; and then using
DreamWeaver to rewrite it as ASP or

moving existing forms and reports to ADP is a great crutch for more
complex migrations

that's a LOT of the places I used ADP.. as a crutch so I can move my
reports from MDB-> ADP and then to SQL Server Reporting Services

the most difficult part is the database side; and Access Data Projects
make that quite simple

HIGHLY reccomended


you can move the existing logic to Access Data Projects.. that allows
you to re-use a lot of your existing logic (on a real database

sprocs and views are infinitely more powerful than Access queries

then you should use DreamWeaver in order to rebuild your forms

DreamWeaver is an awesome platform-- unlike anything that MS offers


I only occasionally do Access and do ASP even less.

What is Access Data Project?

Much of a learning curve?

What does Dreamweaver do that is special?

The little ASP I've done I've done in either Notepad or Front Page.

Will importing an MDB to Access Data Project allow Dreamweaver to read
it and produce the ASP to replicate the forms & queries online?

thanks for the help.


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