Too many printers



Environment description:
There is a server at Windows 2000 SBS with AD, with the Terminal
Services installed in the application mode.

The following problem has occured: users working via terminal see not
only their printers, but also other users' ones and therefore it
happens that they see several teens instead of a few printers.

Besides I shall add that users belong to a group- "printers
operators"- and it seems that it makes a problem; they belong to this
group because they can use Terminal Services and connect their

The question is:
What are the minimal rights, or what group should users belong to, in
order to use the terminal without any problems and see their printers


Vera Noest [MVP]

Users should only belong to the standard Domain Users group.
It should not be necessary to give them elevated priviledges. What
was the problem that originally made you change their group
Local printers should redirect automatically, without any need for
user action.


Mon, 25 Oct 2004 12:20:11 -0700,
:"Vera Noest said:
Users should only belong to the standard Domain Users group.

Thank you for quick answer.
It work :)


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