Too Few Rows to copy sheet to another book



What is the deal with the error message that I have too few rows to copy/
move one of my worksheets to another worksheet using the right-click
function? Is there a way to get around this or to resolve the problem? And to
top it off, when I attempt to copy and past the data to another sheet, I
receive an error message that excel must now quit!

Is there any way possible to get this data copied over to another sheet


Are you trying to copy it from an .xlsx file (with 1,000,000+ rows) to
an .xls file (with 65,532 rows)?

Hope this helps.



No, I am not. it is an xls file to xls file. I formatted all of the workbooks
to be compatable excel 97-2003 compatable even though I am running 2007.

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