TOC page number style incorrect



In my document I have two sections with different page number styles, Arabic
and roman. For some reason the TOC is showing up as all Arabic, even when the
section is numbered with roman numerals. What's up? I've tried updating the
TOC, but nothing helps. I have the following TOC settings:

x Show page numbers
x Right align page numbers
Formats: "From Template"
x Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers

-> Options
x Build TOC from styles



Stefan Blom

How did you format the page numbers in the document? If you used the
Page Number Format dialog box, this should be reflected in the table
of contents.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message
news:[email protected]


This is what I have in my footers:

Sections 1-3:
{ PAGE \* roman} of { PAGEREF bmLastPage \* roman }
Section 4:
{ PAGE \* Arabic} of { SECTIONPAGES \* Arabic }

I restart the page numbering in Section 4. I have 3 sections in the
beginning for title page, revision history, and TOCs. I have separate
sections here because they are locked down so the user can't mess with the
TOCs or title page, since they are strictly auto text. In order to get the
effective # of section pages across sections 1-3 I created a bookmark on the
last page of section 3 and I reference that.


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