TOC Formatting



I've created a template for a long document with customised headings
throughout that show the outline level the format 1.0, 1.1, etc for headings
and 1.1.1 for sub-headings, and the first letters of the heading &
sub-heading text alligned even trhough to double-digit sub-headings.
eg "1.0 [tab] Heading 1 Text"
"1.1.10 [tab] Sub-heading Text"

When creating a Table Of Contents however the sub-headings with
double-digits always automatically alligned 1 space further to the right
eg "1.0 [tab] Heading 1 Text"
"1.1.10 [tab] Sub-heading Text"

How can I ensure all of the text will all allign correctly when creating a

Stefan Blom

The formatting of the TOC entries is determined by the TOC styles (where TOC
1 controls the formatting of level 1 headings, TOC 2 controls the formatting
of level 2 entries, and so on). If you are saying that you want the text of
each TOC entry to start at the same location, say 1" from the left margin,
make sure to set a tab stop at that location for the relevant TOC styles.

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