To successfully download and install RC1.

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Dennis Pack x64, Vista RC1 x86 & x64

From what I'm seeing there are many different file sizes being listed for
the Vista RC1 image and many problems installing from the DVD. The correct
size for the downloaded image for RC1 5600 x86 is 2,646,272KB and RC1 x64 is
3,765,476KB. To verify that the download is correct the Signatures of the
ISO files are:
MD5 hash: 22486e815a38feffd9667317dfeec55a
SHA1 hash: e00b4ebbc81fb420cf047973b95a9cfb7cdf51b7
MD5 hash: f3a385aae6e4dea9226e31d9f1148b56
SHA1 hash: 8e4de7a72c828a3543ff1663243eb0836da07eea
The program to check the MD5 checksum is available at It's very important to verify the download
before wasting time burning the image to a DVD.
The instructions for burning the image from are:
Here's a summary of how to download, burn, and install Windows Vista RC1:
1. Download the ISO image file from the location indicated in the e-mail
message you receive after registering, and save the file to your hard disk.
(If the download ends prematurely, you can resume the download process from
where you left off using the Download Manager.)
2. Using a DVD burner and software, burn the ISO image of Windows Vista RC1
to a new blank DVD. We recommend burning at the lowest speed supported by
your DVD burner (1X or 2X) to ensure the highest quality. Most DVD-burning
software will recognize an ISO file. If your software does not automatically
recognize this format, refer to the software's Help file for instructions.
3. Insert the DVD on which you burned the software into the DVD drive of the
computer on which you want to install Windows Vista RC1.
4. The installation process should start automatically. If it does not, run
Setup from the DVD to begin the installation, and follow the step-by-step
instructions that appear on the screen.


Dennis, I will verify my ISO size based on your information. I will also try
to remove any USB devices prior to completing my install and see if that
helps too.

Intel Inside

is it possible to use that program to do a checksum of the burned DVD?. ie
to check that the burning process went ok.

Dennis Pack x64, Vista RC1 x86 & x64

Intel inside:
When burning the image using Nero there is a ckeck box to verify
image burned. With MD5 I haven't found a way to verify the complete DVD.

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