To Quote or Not To Quote



Is there a shortcut or quick-switch between replying with original message
included or without?

I do not like the cluttered directory-tree look of previous messages in back
and forth email replies, but, obviously, there are times when you need to
have the senders message included in the body or as an attachment to your
reply. Opposed to having to Tools>Options>Preferences>E-mail Options>and
drop down menu-ing back and forth between "Do not include..." and "Include
and indent..." options, is there a quicker way to interact between these
options simply from the sender's email?


I can tell you how I handle it.

When replying, if I don't want all the quoted material, I click where I'd
like it to stop and hit Ctrl-Shift-End to highlight that point and down.
Then Delete. Or, if you don't want anything quoted at all, Ctrl-A and Delete.

Takes the better part of a couple of seconds ;)

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