to Qfreed re recent answer to me from rich



Thanks for being here.... I was able to subscribe to this newsgroup, because
it is within ms vista...however i want to subscribe to other newsgroups, not
just the microsoft communities, etc...i was able to get as far as finding under (i think)
'"tools", "accounts", (click, click) and computer said "connecting to
server, but then said it was unable to connect to server. I am using a
wireless unsecured internet connection at a coffee shop but i should think
that would not be a problem. i used to be quite computer savvy but have been
away for a while... i am surprised i was able to get this far ...(to be able
to post, etc)..i want to do this but with several other newsgroups.... can
you help??
am i making my problem clear ?
thanks in advance for any help
i am quite frustrated
now i cant seem to answer your message only post a new one it wants to know
if i am using nntp or imap, etc and i don't know
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Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 9:56 AM
Subject: RE: how do i subscribe to newsgroups in windows mail? (vista)

Cal Bear '66

Menu bar (ALT if not visible) .> Tools > Accounts > Add button> click Newsgroup
Account and Next button. Go through the wizard. You need to know the address
of the news server that will allow you to connect. Get this from your ISP.

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